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I have experienced an overwhelming amount of generous collaboration between the editors at Crossway and designers like Invisible Creature and Side Show Design Co.. This is the odd part of writing a book—the moment when you must ask people to be generous toward you and your work.

I have tried my best to be wildly generous with this work by making each chapter available for download, providing free teaching videos for each chapter, and supplying a free, 64-page workbook! All this can be found easily at leadershipmosaic.org, so please use it freely!

I’d be so grateful if you would consider the following ways to support my book and free resources. Thank you!



  1. Will you please pray for movements everywhere to address the crisis of leadership in the church? Will you join me in acting on leadership that’s more than abstract principles and instead driven by the doctrine of our holy Trinitarian God?
  2. Will you please share on your social media? Here are a couple of easy ways:



  • Drop a generously worded comment with a photo of the book in your hands or with your leaders. Maybe even include this Amazon link for more information and easy ordering.
  • Share a teaching video from leadershipmosaic.org to launch a conversation about creativity, courage, or collaboration.



  • Share a picture of you with the book or share a quote from the book and tag me in it: @daniel_sojourn.
  • Share about the website, free workbook, and videos.
  • Share the Amazon link.



  • Take a creative photo with the book and leave a comment. Here are a few other images you can use: 

3. Will you please leave a review on Amazon?

  • A generous comment on Amazon and five-star rating is incredibly helpful.


4. Will you please work it with your people?

  • Nothing encourages me more than hearing about leaders gathering the worship team, or the communication team, or artists in their church to watch and discuss the creativity chapter. Or sitting down with community leaders to work through contemplation and how we can grow in rest and reflection. I hope Leadership Mosaic is experienced as a generous gift that will bear much fruit.
  • If you would like to talk more about training or coaching based on Leadership Mosaic, feel free to contact me at LeadershipMosaicCoaching@gmail.com.


Thank you for your generosity and may God bless the work of our hands,


Daniel Montgomery